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Even though it only went global in the year 2017, TikTok has established itself as the leading source on the latest trends in politics, culture fashion, and more. TikTok is an industry leader and is gaining momentum year after year, and it is predicted to have two billion users in 2024. The video short form app has drawn a significant Gen Z user base, and for entrepreneurs, that’s plenty of marketing opportunities.

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If you’re looking to take advantage of the massive number of users on TikTok in growing your reach, take a an overview of the strategies of a few of the most prominent social media platform’s marketers and creators. Learn how to earn money from TikTok including fan-generated merchandise sale to paying subscriptions.

8 ways to earn money from TikTok

Join the TikTok Creativity Program

Sell merchandise

Make sure to join the live stream to receive virtual gifts

Affiliate partnerships

Create in-feed ads

Crowdfunding projects

Collect tips

Patreon subscriptions

The decision of how to make money from TikTok users is easier after you have a better understanding of your intended audience. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making money, however the top earners typically have a variety of income streams that are complementary. Between organic content and sponsored content possibilities that can be created by TikTok are practically limitless.

Connect with buyers on TikTok

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8 ways to make money from TikTok

1. Join the TikTok Creativity Program

Users with an impressive following may be interested in earning money with TikTok’s TikTok Creativity Program. The program was announced in February of 2023 and started in May, the program will replace that of the TikTok Creator Fund.

American-based creators who have at minimum 10,000 fans and 100,000 genuine views on their videos in the last 30 days will be eligible for this program. It is, at the time of writing it is in a beta stage. The program is expected to be accessible to a wider audience in the near future.


Users must be 18 years old in order to sign for an account.

Users must satisfy the minimum follower and video viewing requirements.

Accounts of users must remain in good order

Creators who are already enrolled in the TikTok Creator Fund can upgrade to the Creativity Program

2. Sell merchandise

One person snaps a picture of a sneaker using the help of a mobile phone

Selling your own items using TikTok is a great way to make money from almost any kind of content. Creators, whether they’re dancers or a comedian, or singer–can create and sell merchandise for their most loyal followers.

In addition, with a wide range of print-on-demand businesses that are available and a wide array of items to choose from. You could sell t-shirts tote bags pillows, case covers for pillows, hats coffee mugs, notebooks, stickers, or any other combination of items.

Print-on demand products have advantages that go beyond the revenues. The fact that you can own branded merchandise can give your followers a stronger relationship with your brand. Every person who wears your merchandise helps spread awareness about your company.

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3. Live to receive virtual gifts

LIVE Gifting is among the most popular features of TikTok for creators seeking to earn money from their work via livestreaming.

The majority of social media platforms have livestreaming capabilities, but the thing that is unique about TikTok distinct is the fact that it lets users to express their appreciation in real-time by sending virtual gifts that can be exchanged to make a payment.

Engaging with your users live is a great way for building relationships with your customers. Fans who have an emotional connection with the creator are more likely to have an interest in their success. This means that going live could help increase the monetization of other streams in addition.

If you sell or create products online, livestreaming can be an opportunity to show off your products. Numerous online retailers have discovered they can use TikTok LIVE to showcase their products. TikTok LIVE generates more interest from customers than live streams of other social media platforms.

As an example, Dasha Derkach, founder of the business that sells hair scrunchies, Enchanted Scrunch, saw a significant increase in sales following switching her advertising efforts away from Instagram into TikTok.

“It has significantly boosted our sales,” she explains. “Before TikTok, we got about two orders per week, and once it was launched, we received about 100 orders a week. Today, we do TikTok Lives nearly every day and receive almost 500 orders per week!”

4. Affiliate partnerships

Two influencers create TikTok content

One of the most creative methods TikTok lets its creators earn money is through its Creator Marketplace.

Creator Marketplace Creator Marketplace helps connect the most relevant brands with the appropriate influencers, making partnerships easier with speed and simple for both parties. TikTok makes it extremely easy to create high-quality sponsored content.

Brands who want to run an affiliate marketing campaign are able to explore the marketplace and then quickly browse through the content created by people who they are aware of and willing to collaboration.

Creator Marketplace acts as an influencer agency. Creator Marketplace acts as an influencer agency. Both sides express their willingness to collaborate together. This eliminates the awkwardness when meeting influencers that marketers have had to deal with when using influencer marketing on other platforms.

TikTok Shop

Another way to earn money from TikTok by using affiliate links is via TikTok Shop. Shop is the TikTok tool to shop in-app, which allows users who have business accounts to make livestreams that can be purchased and shoppable.

With the help of TikTok shop allows you to tag products when they appear on your video. It’s a simple method to draw viewers the attention of an item that you wish to promote.

You can also include products’ information as well as Buy button to your website to direct visitors directly to the affiliate company. If you operate an affiliate-based business using the Shopify Store, you are able to connect directly to TikTok Shop to let users browse through products from within the application.

TikTok Shop features reduce friction for your audience. They don’t have to go to TikTok to learn information about you (or the affiliate partners of your) products.

If you’re seeking a simple method to identify companies to work with, make affiliate links and manage your brand partnerships in one place, you should try Shopify Collabs.

Find influential people to increase sales using Shopify Collabs

Shopify Collabs make it simple to work with creators and advertise your product, reach new customers, increase your sales, as well as track affiliate campaign results All via Shopify administration.

Like many successful businesses the skin care company Peace Out Skincare was created after its founder was confronted with an issue for which there wasn’t any solution until he devised one.

After battling hyperpigmentation and acne, among other skin problems, Enrico Frezza started researching the development of skin care products process, and then launching his own line of products for skin care. The brand gained traction early on by working with TikTok influencers to establish authenticity and generate more sales. Creators of content also made money off their accounts by getting paid for their content.

Find out more: In this podcast episode from the Shopify Masters podcast, hear how the founder Enrico Frezza found success on TikTok by leveraging influencer marketing.

5. Create in-feed ads

TikTok offers a wealth of organic marketing opportunities If you’re willing to invest some money to increase the audience for your content, you could look into creating your own feed ads using an application called the TikTok advertisements manager.

TikTok ads are shown on the users’ “For you” feeds and auto-play just like every similar TikTok video. By using paid advertisements you can ensure that your videos reach the audiences who are particularly interested in your product.

But what’s the most exciting aspect? TikTok’s advertising manager seamlessly connects to Shopify. This means that you can design TikTok ads, choose the target market and monitor your ad’s performance all directly from Shopify. Shopify store. TikTok is certainly one of the most effective online marketing tools you have at your at your disposal.

6. Crowdfunding projects

Crowdfunding is among the most readily available money-making options for creators. You’ve invested an enormous amount of effort and time to create content for your followers and so providing a simple and no-pressure method to reward them is a great way to secure steady income.

Crowdfunding can come in many types, based on the kind of funds you’re seeking. If you’re seeking the initial funds to start a project, you can enlist your followers by setting an objective for funding and holding an event for fundraising that is live.

If you’re seeking to finance the development of a particular idea, these are a few crowdfunding websites to consider:

Kickstarter. Kickstarter is the internet’s most well-known and widely-used crowdfunding platform, which gives your campaign credibility.

Indiegogo. If your campaign doesn’t include an established goal for funding, you may prefer Indiegogo that allows for an easier way to raise funds that allows you to get funds even after the date.

Fundable. Fundable lets startups provide equity as a way to raise funds, making it a useful instrument for locating investors. At present, however Fundable is available only to those located in the United States.

Crowdcube. Crowdcube gives companies that are successful in achieving their fundraising goals with exclusive benefits through their partners via it’s Crowdcube Funded Club.

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7. Collect tips

A woman films a makeup demonstration on the mobile phone

If you want a quick and simple method of accepting donations, you should consider the tipping platform. Tipping platforms work the same way as an actual tip jar and people who love your videos may show appreciation by making a small contribution. This option is open to users, but isn’t required, and they are able to make any amount they wish anytime they wish.

If this appeals to you then here are some fantastic tipping platforms you can take a look at:

TikTok’s native tipping function. This is the most convenient method to earn tips within the app by tapping a button on your profile that users can tap to tip you.

Tipeee. Tipeee does not offer subscriptions however its strength lies in its simple. With Tipeee creators can create an account for their followers to direct “tip” any amount they wish, anytime they’d like.

Buy Me a Coffee. Buy Me a Coffee prides itself on being created by creators, and not to companies. Similar to Tipeee it’s strength lies in its simplicity. Followers are directed to a webpage that allows them to purchase any number of “coffees” for the creator as they wish. “Coffees,” in this instance, are payments of $1 that are credited to the creator through PayPal or via online banking.

Ko-fi. Ko-fi gives suggestions, memberships, as well as methods to pay users commissions for content they have customized such as a customized instructional video or even a chat.

8. Patreon subscriptions

Crowdfunding can be used for large-scale projects and tipping is a great method of collecting funds fast. However, what if you want to create a regular source of income that isn’t a lot? You can try a creator-based subscription service such as Patreon.

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The subscription-based model of income is well for content creators as you can keep costs for individual subscriptions down and concentrate on increasing your subscriber base.

A simple subscription for just one dollar per month is an easy proposition for one dedicated fan. If you have a large number of loyal fans the dollars begin to accumulate.

Patreon was the first major platform that let influencers and creators earn revenues through paid memberships offered by their most loyal supporters. On Patreon you can create subscription levels that permit you to give exclusive content only to your largest fans.

Alternatives are available (most especially Ko-fi that also has the option of tipping) However, Patreon also has the advantage of a brand’s recognition which increases confidence from potential patrons.

If you’re considering a subscription service could be the best method of earning money from your TikTok account Here are some top ways to think about it:

Make your followers feel special by offering rewards. Your audience is likely to donate more in the event that they are rewarded with something worth their time.

Give your supporters a personal thank you. Your supporters should feel valued which will make them more inclined to support your efforts in the future.

Advertise the existence of your Patreon page. Patrons aren’t able to donate in the event that they don’t know you’re taking donations.

Make sure that subscription costs are low. It’s much easier to earn $1 from 50 people than it is to receive $50 from one.

Create content that is consistently updated. The audience that pays for content has higher expectations in relation to how often you will release new content.

TikTok Rewards program for referrals

Banner that features piles of gold coins and presents promoting the rewards program on TikTok.

Every active TikTok members who are in compliance with the minimum age requirements are able to introduce prospective users on the application in exchange in exchange for TikTok rewards points.

What are TikTok Rewards?

TikTok Rewards are points you can earn through convincing users to sign up on TikTok or by performing tasks like creating, watching videos, or interacting with them.

The rewards can then be transformed to smaller amounts of cash at a rate that is determined by the location you live in. After you’ve earned your rewards and you’re ready to withdraw cash to your bank and/or PayPal account. In certain nations, rewards can be exchanged for items such as coupons or mobile top-ups.

Go to on the Task Rules page on your app to find out the number of TikTok Rewards points you’ll be able to get, as well as the tasks that your friend is able to complete in exchange for points for themselves as well as you.

Do TikTok referrals function?

To create a referral code For generating a referral code, visit Profile Then, either Explore for You or Discover. Tap the banner of TikTok Rewards and then the coin icon that appears in the lower left-hand corner. You should then find a referral link as well as an invitation code.

Following that you and your referrer user will have to adhere to these steps:

1. Invite a new user join the platform

To start earning rewards with the referral system of TikTok, all you have to do is get your family member, friend or a coworker to download and install the application.

2. The user who is new creates an account and is invited to join the profile.

After your friend has installed and started TikTok and is logged in, they need to visit their profile and click on the icon next to their name. They’ll then be able enter the referral code you emailed them.

Notification: Your friend’s promo code in the next 24 hours in order to earn points for invitations.

3. Optional: The new user will watch videos to earn rewards

If new users view videos on the Activity page that you can access, both of them will be rewarded with additional Rewards. The amount of video they have to view to earn Rewards varies based on the location and time of day, however TikTok suggests watching videos for just a few minutes every day. This is on the day that the referral code has been entered.

As time passes as time passes, new users are able to earn points by sharing videos and interacting with other content.

Note: The user who is new must view videos within the time frame displayed in the activity page in order be eligible for rewards.

Who are your TikTok customers?

A smartphone captures three people sitting on the brick wall

To earn profit from your TikTok users, you have to be aware of what they’re like. Also, on TikTok users are most likely to be skew towards younger users. Most users (62 percent) are younger than 30 and an astonishing 32.5 percent (of active users) are less than 20. Many see the popularity of TikTok among Gen Z as its defining feature However, it could be changing quickly.

One study shows a growing number of millennials using the site and social networks tend to be the most popular with teenagers at the time of their earliest stages. So getting having a head start in serving the older users of TikTok can give you an advantage in the next few years.

There’s no universal method to use TikTok However, being aware of your target audience puts you in a better position determine the most efficient methods to make money from your followers.

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Always place content first

The trick with making use of social media for selling products is to not overload the amount of promotional materials.

Your followers know that you require funds to continue creating content they enjoy But nobody would want to follow an account that seems to be advertising continuously.

This is particularly true for TikTok because the platform is designed to create relationships with you users.

The users appreciate content that is well-written and it is a good idea to adopt an “content-first” approach. Instead of beginning with a sales pitch and developing content around it make the content first, and let it guide the most effective ways to make money from your account.

It’s a strategy that has proven successful for Parade, an underwear brand that has had success in promoting its products to Gen X and millennial Gen Z customers on TikTok. Parade’s growth manager for marketing, Darya Dziadzenka, soon discovered that the most efficient TikTok advertising content for marketing is genuine in that it prioritizes relevance and fun over trying to sell.

“The key thing to success on TikTok is making the content as organic to the platform as it can be,” Darya suggests TikTok creators.

The content you share on your TikTok posts should provide value to your users, not simply offer them something to buy. Another excellent illustration of this could be Partly Sunny Projects, an online plant company that ships California plants across the nation.

The founder Sonja Detrinidad founded the company to distract herself from the stress of her job. She then turned to TikTok to record the process. It wasn’t long before TikTok users to be captivated by Sonja’s charismatic personality. Sonja’s authentic TikTok videos are in line with her followers’ interests.

The reason Sonja’s use of TikTok to run her business successful is that she’s determined to create content that she is confident her followers will enjoy. Sonja writes about topics that are that are related to gardening, getting the attention of precisely the kind of person who can turn into a potential customer.

Learn more: Read about how Sonja transformed the famous TikTok popularity into a thriving business.

Join the Creator Economy

Creators aren’t just musicians anymore. They’re entrepreneurs, artists marketing accountants, salespeople CEOs, founders, and everything in between. In the economy of creators stars are created by the self of their own imagination as well as their passion and desire to create something special.

Artists earn money through time, and earning more money from your work allows you to spend more time develop. If the money itself doesn’t pay enough, the additional time you spend on it will be. TikTok is just one of the many platforms that allows creators to earn a living online. Perform what you do best, and get paid for it.

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