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When it comes for passwords or patterns The fingerprint scanner is among the most sought-after features of leading smartphones today. It allows you to protect apps with fingerprint Android. The fingerprint scanner is the latest design on smartphones. You’ve probably noticed that fingerprint scanners are now considered to be middle-of-the-road some of the newest smartphones that are priced low have been equipped with this latest feature. While the main reason for using a fingerprint scanner’s function is to secure or unlock your phone, it also can be used to lock and unlock mobile apps. However, not all phones are outfitted with this function. The feature mentioned above is simple to use, fast and effective.

But, if your smartphone features a built-in fingerprint scanner but does not permit you to lock specific apps on your phone by using the fingerprint scanner there is no need to fret! There are a few apps that will allow you to add this option to your phone. And we’re here to give you the top five options to protect apps with the fingerprint feature on your Android phones. These are among the numerous apps available on App Store! We’ll go over them:

Part 1: AppLock

Part 2: App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

Part 3: FingerSecurity

Part 4: Norton Applock

Part 5: Perfect Applock

1. AppLock

AppLock is considered to be the most effective of the apps to lock app on Android phone. When you install this app you’ll be able to see that it locks apps using fingerprints all the time on an Android phone. It can also be used for blocking videos and photos stored on your phone. The features of the app are secure in the event that you suspect somebody attempts to sneakily peek at your phone as you unlock you Android phone. In addition you also have the option of replacing the icon to ensure you can be able of blocking the application. This is the best part – You can download and utilize this application for free to blocking apps for the iPhone and Android apps with the fingerprint.


Invisible pattern lock

A virtual keyboard to protect your data.

A free application is available to everyone iPhone and Android users.

Interactive app comes with flexible storage

Minute versions are updated on a regular basis.

URL for Android:

Google Rating: 4.4

app locks with fingerprints using Android-AppLock

2. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

The second title on our list of top app locks that use locks that use fingerprints that you can use on the Android handset can be App Locker. The majority of functions and features of the app are identical to those of the app lock. The lock apps that use fingerprints on the iPhone are a bit tricky however, do you want to know? This malicious app, in conjunction and the application lock function (using the PIN code, password or a fingerprint sensor) could cause a fake crash screen, which can make people believe that your phone is in fact crashed! Aren’t you intrigued? Another thing that might make you curious is that it’s available for download and install.


You can secure your gallery, social media apps, or message app by using pin.

The Applock features a function to capture a picture of unidentified users who have tried opening an app from your Android phone.

You can make an app that is fake.

Possibilities of locking according to the time of the session.

The engine for the lock is upgraded in a flash.

URL for Android:

Google Rating: 4.5

Lock apps that use fingerprints with Android-Fingerprint and Pin

3. FingerSecurity

The next option is FingerSecurity is one of the lock applications with a lot of features that utilize fingerprint Android that is free to download for Android phones. You can lock almost any app with the aid of FingerSecurity. It also is able to unlock multiple apps in the same move. If you’re among the few who have a lot of locked applications, you’re likely to enjoy this feature very much! One thing you can’t ignore is that, despite the application being locked, criminals could be able to see what’s inside via the notifications. However, Fingersecurity has a solution to this too by introducing an additional notification locking feature!


The widgets come with services that can be disabled or enabled.

The settings for apps can be made to be customized.

Apps are created to avoid removal.

Fingerprints are hidden by using the UI.

Protection for apps that have just been installed.

URL for Android:

Google Rating: 4.2

lock apps with fingerprint android-FingerSecurity

4. Norton Applock

If we hear the term “anti-virus,” it is the very first thing that pops into our minds is Norton. Norton is a major player in the world of antivirus software. They have developed free lock applications that use fingerprints Android. It requires a four-digit PIN, or password, or pattern as the lock system. It also allows images and icons when used in conjunction with applications. The app provides you the sanctions list, which informs you which apps need to be blocked. The best part is that this can be downloaded for free on all Android devices.


Gizmo for those who want an uninvolved.

Snap a photo of the illegitimate intrusionists.

Apps for solid lock with fingerprint iPhone.

URL for Android:

Google Rating: 4.6

Applock apps using fingerprints with Android-Norton Applock

5. Perfect Applock

Ideal App Lock is yet another fantastic lock application that has the fingerprint feature for Android from the collection of lock apps. Similar to other app locks this one too has the basic features. It also has unique features like support for locking Wi-Fi Bluetooth and various buckles. It’s a difficult one to get into. It swindles passers-by by using fake mistakes and messages to confuse criminals. The thief is made to believe there’s a problem on the phone, excluding the application lock. The lock app that uses fingerprints on Android is also no cost. The paid and free versions share the exact features, with the exception that paying users are free of ads.


Multi-window applications are displayed.

The sensor will work when you open apps.

The option of free updating and monetization is accessible.

No limitations apply.

URL for Android:

Google Rating: 4.5

Applock apps that use fingerprints with Android-Perfect Applock

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, there are a variety of applications that lock using a fingerprint method that are compatible with Android phones. However they have been chosen solely based on the user reviews. If you’re using the iPhone it is possible to utilize app locks built around fingerprint sensors, such as 1Password, Scanner Pro, LastPass and Mint to secure apps using the fingerprint of your iPhone.

Have you heard of other apps that offer similar or superior features?

Share your ideas with us! !

We have now described the most effective lock app that has fingerprint sensor for Android that allows you to secure your apps and phones using fingerprint sensors, start downloading it for your device. It is possible to understand what the benefits and drawbacks are for yourself and reap the benefits of the app you downloaded. The following is a top five top fingerprint scanner apps that are available on the Play store. If you have suggestions, we would love to get in touch with us.

Don’t be apprehensive about sharing your experiences using the apps that are discussed within our post. We’re eager to hear from you We are waiting for your feedback! !

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