How to Watch PSL Matches Live on Mobile & PC in 2024 APK | Pakistan | pakbuck

How to Watch PSL Live on Mobile & PC in 2024 APK | Pakistan | pakbuck


The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has emerged as one of the most thrilling and anticipated T20 cricket tournaments globally, captivating the hearts of cricket enthusiasts. Whether you’re a die-hard cricket fan or just someone looking to experience the electrifying atmosphere, knowing how to watch PSL live is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various options and platforms available for catching all the live action of PSL from the comfort of your home.

  1. Television Broadcast:

One of the most traditional and widely accessible ways to watch PSL live is through television broadcasts. PSL has secured broadcasting rights with various channels globally, making it accessible to cricket fans around the world. Popular sports channels such as PTV Sports, Geo Super, and others often broadcast PSL matches live. Check your local sports channels to see if they have acquired the rights to broadcast PSL in your region.

  1. Online Streaming Services:

In the digital age, online streaming services have become increasingly popular for watching live sports events, and PSL is no exception. Platforms like YouTube, Cricket gateway, and the official PSL website offer live streaming of matches. Geo Super also provides live streaming on its website for cricket enthusiasts.

  1. Mobile Applications:

For those who prefer to watch PSL on the go, mobile applications are a convenient option. PSL has its official app that provides live streaming, match highlights, and real-time updates. Additionally, certain streaming services like Tapmad TV, Goonj, and others offer dedicated apps for mobile users to catch all the PSL action on their smartphones or tablets.

  1. Social Media Platforms:

Keep an eye on social media platforms for live updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. PSL often shares snippets of the matches on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While these platforms may not provide full live streaming, they are great for staying updated on the latest happenings and engaging with the PSL community.

  1. Subscription Services:

Some streaming services, both regional and international, offer live sports packages that include PSL coverage. If you are willing to invest in a subscription, platforms like Willow TV, Hotstar, and others may be broadcasting PSL matches live.

  1. Best Mobile App for PSL Live
  • Tapmad TV
  • Tamasha APP
  • Goonj


With the multitude of options available, watching PSL live has never been more accessible. Whether you prefer the traditional television broadcast, online streaming, mobile apps, social media updates, or subscription services, there is a method that suits everyone’s preferences. Embrace the excitement, gather your friends and family, and enjoy the thrill of PSL from the comfort of your home. Let the cricket fever sweep you away as you witness some of the best T20 action in the world unfold before your eyes.

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